Terms of service

photonado is a photo hosting and sharing community.

By registering and using our service, you agree that we display, transfer, transform, edit, process and store your works and you grant us license to do so.

You are only allowed to upload material to photonado for which you've got full license to do so, either by being the author of the work or by having obtained the necessary license.

You are not allowed to upload material to photonado that is in any way sexually explicit or pornographic, forbidden to display, harmful, discriminating or in another way offensive. photonado has the right to moderate and remove any material that we think is inapropriate for display on our site.

We encourage our users to host images on photonado and then embedding or linking to them from other places on the internet. You can use the real image URLs to do so, commonly known as "deep-linking". We require you, though, to link back to photonado's homepage near the image, and optionally a link to the single photo's page. And, we retain the right to block access to assets if a user is overly stressing our resources.

You may end your membership at any time. This invalidates the license you granted us to display, store, transfer, etc. your work.

Privacy policy
All information you enter or upload to photonado remains private unless you decide to share parts of it. Please note that for photos sharing is the default so make sure you don't leak information you want to retain via photo metadata. We do not share your information with third parties unless law requires us to do so. Please understand that our service can't be used completely anonymous. We set cookies and keep server logs to run our service. We strive to limit data gathering by third parties, and try to select partners that adhere, just as we do, to the regulations established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect across the EU.

Photonado ist a service offered by Clipland GmbH. This text is just a summary. The legally binding version can be found in Clipland's Terms of Use.